Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You don't need a hydration clinic

As people grow older (erg), they experience thirst less...and thus can get dehydrated...even those of us who stay indoors out here in the Sonoran Desert. I don't always drink as much as I should and I have a fellow oldie who says the same.

Actually I don't know if "hydration clinics" are aimed at the older set. I suspect they are for the wanta-be-hip contingent.

Clayton Bradshaw recently wrote about these clinics in the Phoenix area.

Basically these facilities hook you up to an intravenous line and shoot in saline mixed with vitamins and various nutrients.

An IV! Seriously?

These treatments reportedly make people feel refreshed and are recommended by the owners of the clinics for chronic fatigue and migraines. And--don't count this out--as a cure for hangovers.

This approach has been around since the 1950s--when a doctor named John Myers offered "Myers Cocktails" to improve digestion.

Opponents of this approach say most health people can digest perfectly well and the less healthy--say those with congestive heart failure or metabolic diseases--could be harmed.

One thing for sure--these treatments are SPENDY, runnng up to $200 a session.

Drink some water--and if you must, that vitamin water stuff...

Remember, whatever is in that IV is going directly into your bloodstream...Are you sure you know what's in it?

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