Friday, August 11, 2017

Are you giving your kid the wrong idea?

Yes--more on body image. What a fun topic for Friday.

On the website, a writer said her daughter had suddenly asked, "Mom, am I getting fat?"

The child was 10 and the author thought, "Who has been putting this in her mind?" The dance teacher? Cheerleading coach? Drama teacher?

Then she realized the messages had been coming from HER.

Do you find yourself saying things like:

--Do you think Mommy looks fat in this dress?

--Mommy is so fat.

--I am so fat.

--I look fat in this.

--I ate so much, no wonder I can't fit into my clothes.

--These jeans make me look fat.

--My butt is too big.

These statements sound innocent and slip out, often in the hearing of young girls.

Believe me, these messages are heard.

I heard much worse things when I was a child--my weight was always a family issue. My dad called me a baby elephant. My three siblings and parents were "normal."

With me, it was my stick-thin mother delicately frowning if I reached for a roll or making a point of saying, "Please put my dressing on the side--it is so fatty, you know."

Some of this can be avoided.

By the way--the woman in the pix put her child--yes, that one--on a diet at age 7.

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