Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Glyphosphate--Roundup to you--finally attacked

Timberrr, A giant bottle of Roundup, the controversial weedkiller is toppled outside the European Commission to highlight the desire for a ban on glyphosphate.

But--the EU members are also discussing licensing the stuff in the European Union.

Meanwhile, citizens are calling for an end to its use, an overall reduction in pesticide use, and more info on safety.

European farmers are showing it's possible to be profitable without weedkillers.

California has said glyphosphate causes cancer and the UN's cancer experts say it "probably" does.

The chemical has been found in the environment and in organisms (meaning you).

You can google the research. You may want to kill weeds--but do you want the process to kill you back?

This goop is everywhere...I see people hosing down their yard with it every weekend.

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