Thursday, August 10, 2017

Protect your health records on the road

Some people travel between homes in winter and summer and others trek around the planet.

When you travel, you may put your identity at special risk.

--Never accept "free" health services or products requiring you health plan ID number.

--Never share insurance numbers on the phone--unless you called them.

--If you take your medical records with you, put them in a locked box or scan them and put them on an encrypted thumb drive or CD.

--Shred old records.

---If you are home or on the road, take labels off prescription bottles before tossing them.

--Make sure your purse or wallet is secure.

--Do not use public wi-fi to log onto health financial sites.

--Monitor your credit reports to see if your medical or financial information has gotten out.

When I traveled, I also purchased temporary travel insurance--I got mine from Amex--that would fly me home if I got sick and cover medical bills abroad.

I also carried a few American hundred-dollar bills--accepted everywhere, I have found. I even had to use one to pay a doctor in Madrid. Nothing like good old cash.

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