Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Watching a lot of TV can make walking harder

A new study done at George Washington University (my alma mater) says TV watching can be a big risk factor for disability in old age.

Older people who watched more than five hours of TV a day and did fewer than three hours a week of physical activity had three times the risk of not being able to walk or having difficulty walking as those who did not.

The study analyzed existing data tracking men and women from 50 to 71 in six states and two metro areas.

At the end of eight yrs of TV watching 30% of the previously healthy seniors had mobility disabilities.

--Five hrs of TV a day--65% increased risk.

--The risk was worse when the subjects did not exercise at other times. Seven hours of activity a week equaled no increased risk, even with sitting of six hours a day.

Younger people get away with sitting more, the researchers said.

If you are older, they recommend:

--Watching TV or at the computer? Get up every hour! Or get a standing desk.

--Park several blocks from your destinations.

--March in place during commercials, if you do watch a lot of tube.

I am bad on all this--do as I say, not as I do.

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