Monday, September 25, 2017

Bleeding injury--forget the ambulance, drive!

For stabbing, gunshot or bleeding injuries,
get to the hospital ASAP any way you can.
A new analysis done  at Johns Hopkins (JAMA Surgery, Sept 20) shows that penetrating injuries, such as stab wounds or gunshot wounds, need to get to a trauma center quickly and waiting for an ambulance, despite the gore, could be bad.

While they want to do more research on this, the investigators thought transport in a car, police car, or even a cab might be the better option for such injuries.

The catch is that there is more an ambulance crew can do for heart attacks (CPR, defibrillation), but for penetrating injuries, options are more limited outside the hospital. Pressure can be applied, but blood cannot be replaced, or blood vessels tied off.

The researchers studied data from the American College of Surgeons National Trauma Data Bank-103,000+ patients over age 16 with a gunshot or stab wound and went by ambulance.

About 16.4% of all patients went by private vehicle. The private vehicle patients has a 2.2% mortality rate--while 11.6% died when they went by ambulance.

So--while research is continuing--consider taking even a bloody mess by car--just get there.

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