Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More teens don't want sex or driving lessons

Tara Bahrampour, Washington Post, says teens are increasingly delaying the traditional "rites of passage."

Published in the journal titled child Development, the study showed that the percent of teens who have a driver's license, tried alcohol, who date, and who work has dropped since 1976.

The declines cut across all racial, geographic and socioeconomic lines--rural, urban, suburban.

Half of teens do still engage in these activities, of course, but between 1976 and 1979, 86% of HS seniors had been on a date--from 2010 to 2015, make that 63%.

Those that worked dropped from 76% to 55% in the same time periods.

High school kids that have had sex went from 54% in 1991 to 41% in 2015.

Are they just lazier or less highly sexed? No, they just have other outlets. They expect to live longer, don't need to rush the sex thing. They see that families need to be planned.

One researcher thought kids were saying why don't I stay with my friends--and away from things with heavy consequences, such as pregnancy or disease (or a big car payment?).

In other words, they are assuming the same anxiety about the future that their parents have for them.

One said she wasn't interested in staying out all night--too worried about her student loans.

One parent even said she wondered if her daughter was missing out on some life experiences.

I had plenty of those--and the result was, to be kind to who I was then, mixed.

So no sex, driving, money jobs...what's that leave? Hanging with friends, sports, biking, social media (no texting body parts), charity work, oh--and school work!

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