Friday, September 08, 2017

Older people and dentists

I will say the outset that I am the worst about the dentist...EVERY time I have gone in my life, I always felt conned a little--they would not clean my teeth because I would not agree to that $250 a mouth-quarter "deep cleaning," sight unseen. Or they insist on that panoramic x-raying (radiation hog), or they propose a fun payment plan that never gets paid off, and in once case, told me I have seven cavities...turns out that was seven POTENTIAL cavities, but why not fill them just in case. Or if you need a crown or have missing teeth, how about crazy-expensive implants?

In a study done by the University of Michigan, 56% of older respondents said they only seek care for serious problems, not normal preventive. Thirteen percent thought Medicare would cover this--nope.

Yet, three-quarters thought regular care was important.

Respondents who were female and white, had higher incomes and insurance, were more likely to get checkups. That left men, blacks, Hispanics, and poor people, or those without insurance to wait for a crisis.

Why didn't respondents get needed care? Cost--69% delayed or did not get care because of cost.

And one in five cited fear of the dentist as a major factor.

I have fear of "treatment" plans.

Of course, I am being a jerk for saying this--I should be recommending regular checkups and treatments. Guilty--I am a jerk. But so are some dentists...

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