Friday, September 01, 2017

Women's progress helps men "marry up"

Back in the day, I wrote an article on "dating down"--when the two people in a couple were not the same approximate age, educational level, or made the same money. The pattern then was that men married down--younger, poorer, less educated women.

But now a study at Texas A&M (in Demography) shows men's chances of "marrying up" have have increased a lot for men--and decreased for women.

Women used to get more bang for the buck in education because it made them more marriageable in the "up" direction.

Now this advantage of education is declining. Women are more likely to be married to a less educated man. Men's contribution to the family income has also decreased.

But men are not complaining--their actual quality of life is up thanks to women.

Another effect: For less educated women, unable to find more educated men, the standard of living has declined.

Bottom line: Improvement in the family budget--now coming from women.

I had a guy who had no complaints whatsoever about my earning most of the money. I get this.

And I might add--some of my sources in my long-ago article were perfectly happy to be married to men who might be seen as "down." These were down-to-earth guys who could fix things and make things--not to be underestimated, ladies.

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